READER FINDS: Taylor Momsen See-Through, Emma Thompson Topless, Coco Hotness, and Much Much More...

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Well, hello, end of the work week. Yep, I'm staring you right in the face, weekend and I've got two words for you: cheap beer.

But we can't ever officially, formally, or even legally I believe enter into our contract with the weekend devil before we share with you all that you have shared with us, in the gloriously sextastic gumbo pot of celebrity skin we refer to affectionately around here as Reader Finds. It's like the aloe on our skinburn of hot fleshy needs; the salve to save our ever hungry libidos from starvation. And it's always chock full of goodness.

This week's Reader Finds includes Coco looking covered topless cocolicious hot, Ashley Smith most definitely topless, Keeley Hazell even more topless, Emma Thompason topless too (you betcha), Kate Upton see-through and wet, Dania Londono of U.S. Secret Service infamy on the beach, Abigail Clancy nipple peeks, Taylor Momsen see-through bra, Aly Michalka sheer top goodness, Sophie Rundle funbags in Episodes, Julia Stiles see-through, Miley Cyrus underwear naughty on the set, Kate Upton looking like one hot doll, and Maribel Guardia classic topless movie scene,  Just an overflowing bowl of must-sees.

Finds and Credits:

Thanks to EgoReader 'Kurtis' for some stellar doll-looking pics of the uber-sextastic Kate Upton.

Kudos to both 'Dex' and 'Jason' for sharing photos of Miley Cyrus candidly in her undies on the set of Who Owns My Heart music video.

Muchos gracias to 'Benjamin' for supplying a couple of the more wetter, nipple-baring pics of Kate Upton from behind the scenes of her hot GQ pictorial shoot.

We don't get enough of this -- classic pics of veteran Mexican actress Maribel Guardia topless from a 1984 movie, thanks to 'James B.'

EgoReader 'Will' spotted Julia Stiles in a very sheer, boob-revealing dress on the red carpet last week, so we went and bought the picture we liked it so much.

A quarter of superfans, 'Watson' and 'Steve' and "Pedro', and 'Jason' all combined on the necessity to share the wicked full funbags of Sophie Rundle in Season 2 of Episodes.

'Dennis M.' couldn't contain himself at the site of Aly Michalka in a sheer top o' boob revealing top.. Neither could we.

The indomitable EgoReader 'SA' shared a fetching candid of Emma Thompson bare veteran chest puppies from the set of Love Punch.

'Ido' and 'Ante V' teamed up for a combined effort of Abigail Clancy nipple peeking goodness.

'Jason' added another contribution on the form of Taylor Momsen onstage in a see-through lace bra.

EgoReader and man of the world 'Andy' pointed us in the direction of a covered nekkid photo of Dania Londono, the Colombian lady of the evening at the center of the U.S. Secret Service scandal.

And, thanks respectively to 'Dino' for more more more Keeley Hazell topless hotness, to 'Rich H.' for Ashley Smith baring her upper fun thangs for photographer Chadwick Taylor, and to 'PHI' for some downright amazing pictures of Coco from JM magazine.


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