Rosie Jones Topless Lingerie Pictorial Might Just Be Her Hottest Yet

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I don't like superlatives. The whole -est thing is always short lived, if not downright just plain wrong. But I am finding myself truly infatuated with this latest and greatest Rosie Jones topless pictorial from our friends at Nuts. I'm not sure if it's the precisely proper use of lingerie as a prelude to nekkidness, or if it's just the plain old hotness of Rosie Jones herself, but something about this shoot has my libido going cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs in a 'the room is spinning, but in a good way' kind of way.

If I were a sculptor, I'd spend 20-years carving Rosie Jones into rock, provided of course she was willing to sit bare-arsed on a stool in my studio for that length of time. Enjoy.

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