Rosie Jones Topless Soccer Hotness for a U.K. Bump in Euro 2012

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With Euro 2012, the European soccer championships kicking off this week, national feelings are riding high across the Continent, and in Jolly Old England, where football fans are united in the quest for the ultimate bragging rights in Europe.

Now, we are not playing any favorites here across the pond, and to announce who we've bet on would only cause you to likely laugh at us, so we are non-partisan. But that doesn't mean we're not going to celebrate this momentous sports occasion with some fabulous funbags, in this case, courtesy of our friends at Nuts magazine who have rolled out outtakes from what appears to be the amazing Rosie Jones super soccer fan pictorial from the World Cup. Whatever it is, her soccer balls look absolutely amazing and have us in the mood to violate the no-hands rule rather immediately. Enjoy.

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