Staci Noblett Pits Her Niblets Up Against Holly Peers Puppies in Our Thursday Page 3 Battle

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Today's Page 3 battle of the chest bulges is dedicated to Michael Sokoiski, the inventor of the Scantron answer sheet, who passed away today at the age of 85. Were it not for Michael helping to create standardized aptitude tests, I might have fooled some colleges into accepting me, gotten a legit degree, a real job, and never have found my place in this world sharing hot sweet funbags with a must-deserving audience. That would've been sad, though I do think I would've made a killer accountant, special-ed math aptitude aside.

On to the matchup... Staci Noblett, our fair haired damsel whose hot body puts us in distress versus veteran brunette hottie Holly Peers, who has never ever underwhelmed us in the 'dayum, she's wicked hot' department. Two gorgeous young ladies going ta-to-ta for your spectating pleasure, but whose chest dominates the competition?

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