Thank God It's Funbags! Jodie Gasson Promotes Her Perfectly Perty Pair in the Kitchen

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Oh, blessed Friday, holy day of the work week, when the nerds in the back office start drinking their fruity alcohol drinks and the lushes in the front office here start trying to figure out where the back office nerds are stashing the alcohol parts of their drinks. Yep, we found your hidden bottle of Smirnoff, you weak-hiding-shizz mofos.

The point is, you worked hard this week. Or you didn't, but you feel like you did. Or you don't feel like you did, but you still want to feel sorry for yourself enough to justify some form of debauchery this weekend that you will never tell your parents, priest, or future children about (well, maybe a son, when he gets older, when you want to brag about the time the old man knocked boots with a mute woman on the backside of a tortoise at the City Zoo -- that would be a story.)

So, let's kick this mother off with some faptastic funbags, this week courtesy of the ever-delightful, ever-inspiring Jodie Gasson, not quite barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, but far better, topless and hot. Put a foot-long cheese steak on a plate in her right hand and you pretty much have every man's ultimate fantasy (just in case you were wondering, ladies). Enjoy.

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