Thank God It's Funbags! Rosie Jones Topless Superhero Full Set of Faptastic Melons

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This has been the mother of all weeks, are you feeling it too? But I can guarantee you that the R&R this weekend is going to feel just a tad bit better, the drinks go down just a bit smoother, and the nekkid Twister game tomorrow night with the BBW sisters from down the hall is going to be that much less skin-chaffing, because contrary to popular opinion, hard work is not it's own reward. That you need to do for yourself, fellow travelers. And, now, onto the chest puppies...

We brought you a sampling of these noteworthy pics before, but now a full serving of the Rosie Jones from her super boobtastic superhero pictorial in Nuts, where one of our very famous hot women on the planet gets all kind of super-human super sextastic flashing her amazing body in a kitschy style. It's a mouthful or a handful, or one mouthful and two handfuls of awesomeness if you're doing it right and it's going to rocket launch us into one stellar, albeit, shame-filled weekend. Enjoy.

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