Why Do We Want Keeley Hazell Back So Badly? Here's Four Topless Reasons

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My piloxing instructor and drinking buddy (more the latter really, well, almost entirely the latter) Felipe Fistimuff was asking me why we made such a big deal last week about the return of Keeley Hazell to the public spotlight and private views in magazines. He didn't get the excitement felt by myself and so many of you, and, I can't help but feel that there are a few of you still out there not feeling the jazz.

Thankfully, this coincided with a little foursome gift from EgoReader 'Ben J.' who knows that a picture tells a thousand words, so he sent us four thousand words worth of Keeley Hazell in a little topless workout tease that ought to serve as a little edumentatainment for those of you not yet fully feeling the 'Keeley is back!' kind of shwing. You'll get it soon. Enjoy.

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