Alyssa Campanella Topless Pictures Turn Beauty Pageant Winner Into Boobtastic Sinner

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I'm not sure how many decades ago the idea of traditional beauty pageants became outdated, but I'm quite certain the final death knell came about the time they invented men's magazines and then the Internet and gave people choices to truly put beauty in the eyes of the beholder and figure out who they liked best for themselves. Sure, some still dig the mindless robotic females with sparkling white teeth dressed in gowns and doing silly walks along a stage and talking about their plans for world peace, but mostly they've kind of died a horrible death, just nobody's told Donald Trump yet.

But, on occasion, something good still comes out of the world of padded bras and Vaseline shiny teeth, in this case Miss USA 2011 winner Alyssa Campanella, who won the crown or the cape or the magical comforter or whatever the heck it is they give away these days to the winners, and became an even bigger winner by posing all kinds of moody and topless in these Randall Slavin photographed doozy of some hot visuals. Finally, some real beauty coming out of a beauty pageant.

Now, while some of the better photographs from this set appear to be mildly censored, and we're quite certain some quite more revealing photos exist somewhere in the private digisphere of the photographer, we will most definitely ogle this sweet hot pageant winner as she takes part in the boobtastic portion of the contest. Enjoy.

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