Aubrey O'Day Shakes Up the Routine By Flashing Bottoms in See-Through Skirt in Miami

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As you know, we've come to terms with Aubrey O'Day as she has come to terms with herself and what it is she can truly excite this world with, and that would be her curvaceous body and exhibitions thereof.

Today we got a chance to see Aubrey strutting her booty about Miami in a see-through lace skirt that flashed her badonkadonk covering underthings and made us wonder how many outfits she tried on before she left the house thinking to herself, 'Yes, this is the perfect amount of skin to flash on a Sunday morning'. Of course, we have a different measure of just the right amount of skin for Aubrey to flash, but if we wait patiently, we know we'll see much more soon. Enjoy.

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