Cynthia Escobar Topless Bikini Pics Drop the Double-H Sextastic Bomb for an EgoReader

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As you know, each day we receive approximately 107,311 pieces of mail here at Egotastic! Granted, a good majority of it is The Learning Annex trying to contact us about completing our course in Spiritual Quilting, but we also get regular correspondence from our faithful readers, most especially memorable being all the sob stories that insist that somebody is dying in their loins to see a certain celebrity and her bare bazoongas. Well, we do tend mostly to laugh at these an mock your inner libidinal pain, with as much sympathy as the misguided teens set to pour pig's blood all over Carrie on prom night. But, on occasion we get a letter that moves even our cold, steely hearts and we just have to respond.

EgoReader 'Senee' is literally going to jump off of a building, albeit, a one story building, if we don't share his secretly shameful but altogether explicable lust with curvaceous wonderments celebrity model, Cynthia Escobar. Now, we don't know a ton about Cynthia Escobar, though we are pretty certain that this purple bikini may have shrunk during washing, either that or her bikini salesperson is most definitely an Egotastic! minded individual with fingers crossed that Cynthia would don this undersize bit of yarn in front of a camera. As she did, then took off the bikini to kick up the sextastic level to 11. Quite extraordinary. Now, Senee, please come down off your roof. Enjoy.

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