Dania Londoño Nekkid Photoshoot Puts the Secret Sauce in Secret Service

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If you read the newspapers, like me, maybe once a month, then you're probably familiar with all the exposed shenanigans of the U.S. Secret Service coming to light in new reports of sex, debauchery, and just some plain old janky bad behavior among many agents of the Treasury Department security specialists tasked with protecting U.S. VIPs, most notably, the President.

Well, the whole shitcooker kind of exploded courtesy of Dania Londoño, a Colombian professional gal, a 'pre-paid' woman as they call their prostitutes who got gypped to the tune of $800 by a U.S. Secret Service agent in Colombia and decided to call the cops about it. Ruh-roh. Yeah, and then the whole lid came flying off.

As things go, we had to eventually see Dania nekkid to examine what exactly a government official can expect to receive for his $800, and, thanks to our friends at SoHo magazine in Colombia, we can examine the goods rather closely. As always, I have to measure costs against the price of my Sizzler dinner dates, which run me about $37 include pudding and drinks and tax and tip and minus coupons, natch. I think I'd take Dania. Enjoy.

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