Egotastic's Gaming Gallery of the Week: When Nipples and Nerds Collide (PHOTOS)

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There's an oddly anomalous imagery selection for your delectation this week. Precocious pet rabbits with more gaming talent in their rodent-esque genitalia than we'll ever possess? Further evolution of gaming's femme fatales (to wit: becoming disconcertingly boobier with each installment)? The kind of flagrant falsehoods from tyrannical multinational enterprises that make you wish to encroach upon their offices in the witching hour, identity safely ensconced in a balaclava, and shit on the desks?

All of this wonderment and more awaits in the gallery. Boobage and amusing weirdness, together in gleeful (albeit peculiar) juxtaposed harmony. To paraphrase some mob-tastic miscreants, it's an offer you can't refuse.

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