Elizabeth Loaiza Nekkid Pictures Attempt to Prove the Dominance of Colombian Hotness

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Our friends at SoHo magazine have been gathering together some of the finest fineries in all of Colombia in an Olympic type effort to prove that Colombian women ought be considered among (if not the tops) the hottest women in the world. Now, we don't take much convincing on this front, and when we see the likes of Elizabeth Loaiza topless, we couldn't argue even if we wanted to (and we don't).

If on the off chance you happen to like sweet hot sultry Latina ladies, then you must join us on our Winnebago trip to Sudamericana, with a major, long term rest stop in Colombia. Enjoy.

(Thanks to nuestro amigo 'Alejo' for his continued contribution of smoking hot ladies from the equatorial regions.)

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