Four Days of Rosie! We Celebrate Rosie Jones Upcoming Birthday With Four Days of Topless Hotness

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On July 19th, our belusted boobtastic babe from Britain turns an ancient 22-years of age, and while we'd love for Rosie Jones to be able to pop out of her own cake to celebrate, we've decided instead to bring you four days this week of Rosie Jones topless goodness from age barely legal to more recent to celebrate her damn fine funbags.

Today, we begin with the Rosie Jones 2012 Ketchup photoshoot wherein the brunette young bombshell slowly strips in her boudoir, revealing one of the finest pairs of natural chest pets on the planet. It surely gives me some idea of what I'm getting Rosie for her birthday come Thursday. Enjoy.

And, thanks to EgoReader 'Mewster' who wanted to share his favorite Rosie video during this week of Rosie birthday celebration:

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