Georgina Holguin Makes Morning News Must See TV With Her Covered Topless Lingerie Pictorial

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For those in the U.S. who have lust in their hearts for their favorite morning news girls, you know, the girls with the big bosoms, the tight sweaters, and dubious journalism backgrounds, well, guess what, they've got such girls down Mexico way too, mistresses of the morning delivering the noticias, and they are hot as hell.

Take for example Georgina Holguin, the morning news hostess featured in one smoking hot pictorial for H Para Hombres magazine in August. Imagine getting your information from this woman. I'd let Georgina school me on so many subjects, including those that required her to remove her hands covering her sweet newslady boobtastic. I am a clever student.

Just en fuego. Disfruta.

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