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Holly Peers and Friends Celebrate the 'Boob Olympics' for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

We all honor traditions in our own way. For some, a celebration of the Olympics games involves running a torch around the globe. For others, it's the fine tuning of body and mind for the perfect athletic endeavor to secure the gold medal. For others, people like us, and our good friends across the pond at Nuts magazine, it's a celebration of the world's greatest amateur boobtastic, in the forms of Holly Peers along with her friends Emma Glover, Leah Francis, and Lucy Collett.

The girls all got together to celebrate the quadrennial sports event nonpareil by dropping their tops, exposing their perfectly large melons, and squirting each other with water bottles. You may imagine dashes, sprints, and hurdles when you think of the Olympics, but we're classicists, we think of hot nekkid bodies. Enjoy.

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