Jessie Andrews Nekkid Pictures for Another Hot Feather in the Terry Richardson Chateau Cap

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Granted, you may not think it's that hard to get a porn star bare-ass nekkid in your hotel room, but I dare you to go and try.

You know who has no problem with such matters? Lucky bastard photographer Terry Richardson who can get all sorts of celebrity females to come up to his Chateau Marmont hotel room for a couple cocktails, an undressing, and let the camera fun games begin. And Terry didn't get just any porn star up to his room for his latest shoot, he got Jessie Andrews, the quite young (though legal, natch) winner of the Best Actress award at the AVNs this past year, to slip out of her clothing, and do the rare feat for her of not having sex, but posing sexy, for Terry's camera.

You be the judge of the work product. We'll be the judge of Terry, that lucky lucky bastard.

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