Kate Upton Sweet See-Through Outtakes from GQ

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There is nothing hotter on this planet at this very moment, and I'm including all live and active volcanic and magma rock sites along the Pacific tectonic plates, than red hot Kate Upton, who has collected up the entire male species of this spinning sphere and clutched them to her healthy young bosom with delight. And whatever record temps Kate was at prior to this past month, it jumped many thousands of Kelvin degrees when Kate and Terry Richardson teamed up for her GQ wet and boobtastic pictorial and videos that literally caused the gonadials of millions of young boys to suddenly drop into their employable resting spots (like the names Ann-Margret and Sophia Loren and Cheryl Tiegs and others before her responsible for the same natural effect).

Now, we have a glimpse at some outtakes from the shoot and we are simply speechless. Which never happens. Never ever. But the sight of Kate Upton wet and see-through, it's really just too much.

For the complete set of released Kate Upton outtakes, check out

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