Katie Downes Throws Down Her Perky Pair Against Lucy Collett And Her Ginger Set in Thursday's Page 3 Battle

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It's summertime and the living is easy, but that doesn't mean that the warm weather relaxation can't be appropriately broken up with a little battle time between two babes going ta-to-ta in the only arena that matters, the sextastic Thunderdome. If funbag war is the answer, what is the question -- well, how about, who's got the bounciest pair?

This week's Page 3 battle of the chest puppies pits Katie Downes, one alluring veteran hottie with killer jugs vs. our ginger glamour favorite, Lucy Collett, in a contest of the chestal region that is not to be missed. It's our own version of UFC (Udder Funbag Collision). Enjoy.

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