Keeley Hazell Wicked Hot Underboob Pictures from FHM

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No need for us to re-re-re-express our profound desire to explore every inch of the body of Keeley Hazellwith every appendage of our body, and a few foreign objects, because we've expressed our deepest lust for this ridiculously hot woman so many times. And we rejoiced when she made her return to the glamour world of hot body modeling in FHM magazine.

And now we rejoice that much more rejoicier that FHM has published a series of new pics of the sextastic Keeley Hazell, flashing all kinds of sneaky peeks of her amazing rack and delicious all-over body, on and off the bike. It's worth a celebration in these quarters.

For the complete look at the return of Keeley Hazell to glorious glamor modeling, check out

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