Lene Nystrøm Topless Photos Reveal a Very Naughty Norwegian Diva

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You may remember Lene Nystrøm from the lead singer of Aqua and her horrific tween girl anthem, Barbie Girl (although Its Your Duty to Shake That Booty is undeniably catchy-stupid). Anyhow, the Norwegian pop star has always reveled in a bit of the shock and awe on her own conservative Scandinavian brothers and sisters, even now as she approaches 40 (that's 80 in pop star years), Lene is giving controversy another go with her artsy topless photoshoot by Mads Tegler for S Magazine.

The themes and motifs and special meanings hidden in these topless pictures go straight over my low-brow, but trust me when I say that I am not missing a nekkid-inch of any of this still quite hot Norsk singer's sweet, mature, naughty body. Maybe it really is Lene's duty to shake her booty. Enjoy.

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