Lindsay Lohan Becomes One of Our Favorite Reluctant Nude Stars

Lindsay Lohan has never been self-conscious showing a little skin. Whether it was getting out of a limo spread eagle or baring all in a Playboy spread (one of the most widely read copies of the publication), we've all gotten glimpses of LiLo's bits and pieces.

Which is why it was strange to hear that while filming a sex scene this week for her new film The Canyons, one that would require her to go topless, the actress suddenly got camera shy and refused to strip. Her request in order to continue shooting the scene? That the male crew working on set would strip down to their skivvies. Now, while the last thing I'd want to see is a 350lb. grip in his tighty whities, the gentlemen obliged and filming continued.

We're stoked she went through with it. It's been far too long since we saw some of that freckled flesh celluloid, but will it be good nudity, or bad nudity? Sometimes you can tell an actress really had to have to her arm twisted to do a nude scene. They have that look on their face, like 'What will Grandma Jean think when she sees this?'

So while we wait to see some leaked images of Lindsay's lohans from The Canyons, here are some other actresses who also clearly weren't keen on taking it off for us.

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