Maria Laura Lugo Soto Topless Pictures Depict a True Beauty Queen

Someday, I'm going to open up all the letters we receive here at Egotastic! to The Smithsonian or some other historical organization to document the incredibly diverse set of gentlemen oglers who contact us on a daily basis. It's eclectic, you might say.

'Dontado' from down Sudamericana way has a chip on his shoulder about our often posted and super hot Aida Yespica. And while he, like all sane men with eyeballs understand that hotness of the former Miss Venezuela beauty pageant contestant, wanted to know why we have not featured Maria Laura Lugo Soto before, who not only is wicked sextastic in her own right, but actually won the Miss Venezuela pageant. We had no answer.

But we do have sweet beautiful topless photos of the divine Maria Laura Lugo Soto. And that's better than an answer. Enjoy.

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