Mary Louise Parker Wet and Nekkid Headlines This Week's Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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Well, it's been a few seasons, but always worth the wait when Mary Louise Parker, the marijuana merching mom from Weeds gets herself into a bare-bodied scene. At 47, Mary Louise still has the MILFtastic body that we will more than gladly scope out as she swims nekkid through the pool. Oh, to be the pool sweep hose in that body of water (yes, I know, they don't make pool sweeps anymore, though too late for the tens of millions of kids who still have nightmares from those lurking water skimming mofos).

Joining M.L.P. in this week's best of the small screen boobtastic is an equally quite nekkid Jessica Clark who puts on the fake fangs and blood-thirsty topless effects for True Blood; with Anna Paquin pregnant, all the other hottie vampires have had to step up their game and Jessica Clark's immortal funbags are up to the task. Take a peek. And, enjoy.

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