Micaela Schaefer Shows Once Again Why Big Brother Is More than Watchable Abroad

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One of our tireless rants, or getting tired rants, is about how reality shows like Big Brother, actually kind of genius in concept, actually become more than watchable when they contain hot girls getting nekkid, as is the case in many countries not named the U.S.. Why Americans don't let the boobs on the boob tube, I will never care to know.

But, let us rejoice in Deutschland Big Brother, where one of our very favorite sextastic models and boobtastic barers Micaela Schaefer went for the gold in the reality show, put up her hair, and went bare-body nekkid into the showers, to clean herself and to make us feel dirty. The perfect symbiosis of nature. I'm not sure Micaela actually won the show, but she did in fact steal the loins of my heart (or that might be heart of my loins). Enjoy.

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