Miley Cyrus Joins the Shorts and Boots Hotness Parade; Throws in See-Through Top for Good Measure

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We just lust our little Pilates-yoked minx who we almost can't make fun of for her music anymore, just because she's taken her young body to a whole new level of goodness that makes us want to completely ignore her gravel-droned singing voice and focus just on the naughty things we'd do to her during a weekend at a private Tennessee mountain cabin retreat.

Miley Cyrus joined the short shorts and boots sextastic styling for young ladies hotness parade today, threw in some blonde hair, and made for a 'check me out now' type exhibition during a shopping trip in N.Y.C.  Miley's wide-eyed ever look of surprise always makes her seem like she just got off the bus, or just landed on this planet, and it's her first time seeing such normal things; it's the same look we imagine on her face as we explain to her the very specific rules of our Deliverance cosplay fungames during that weekend cabin retreat. Enjoy.

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