Nicole Neal Chest-Ups Against Kelly Hall in Our Page 3 Battles of the Bazoongas

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Oh, man, now more than ever we need to see an old-fashioned battle of two sexy women with glorious globes going ta-to-ta in the boobtastic arena. It clears the mind, cleanses the palate, and reminds us of all that is good and decent in this world. Call it juvenile, call it sophomoric, call it immature male behavior (it really is all three), but we truly believe that boobs make everything better.

This week's battle of the sweet funbags pits relative newcomer and wicked hot blonde Nicole Neal up against a veteran of our Page 3 battles, Kelly Hall, really with a solid record of victories for her plump puppies. It's anyone's game at this point, knowing full well that there are no losers. Bodacious balloons never deflate.

So, whose rightful rum-rums reigns supreme this week?

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