Outtakes! Lucy Collett Topless Lingerie Full-Bodied Hotness Just Got a Little Fuller-Bodied and Hotter

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You know just the word 'outtakes' causes our doughnut clogged heart to skip a beat; the promise of such overwhelming visuals from previous photoshoots we already dig so passionately, only to blessedly discover that there exist even more, previously unseen glorious photos.

We spent two full moons staring at Lucy Collettand her full moons in her recent black lingerie photoshoot for Nuts magazine. If you happen to lust curvaceous redheads, because, you know, you happen to have eyeballs connected to your male brain (or our lovely lovely Sapphic leaning lady brain), then you can immerse yourself in the bouncy curves of Lucy and imagine what it must be like to steamroll her fantastically female body all the live long day, or, in my case, for about 5 minutes, followed by a sandwich and a nap. Enjoy.

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