Pamela Anderson Drunken Upskirts By Night, in the Same Clothes Leaving Dude's House the Next Day

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Let's start out by admitting, we've all been there before. The drunken party night, followed by waking up in some strangers house who had the after party, shuffling out about noon time in the same clothes you wore the night before. Of course, not all of us are Pamela Anderson.

The Baywatch vixen now well into her 40's shows no signs of slowing down with the part-tay life as she hit the Dancing With the Stars reunion show party on Saturday night with extreme vigor, sousing up a storm, eventually led out of the club by a small handful of dudes and into a car where her dress rode up and her white panties shone like a beacon to any and all rock stars within a ten mile radius.

Late the next morning, Pam emerged from the home of photographer David LaChapelle, wearing the same party clothes from the evening before. That's never a good sign. Given that LaChapelle does not go the way of girls, perhaps Pam's 'virginity' remains intact, a symbol of purity and chasteness if ever there was. Enjoy.

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