Peta Todd Nekkid Hot To Portray a Sextastic Atlas for

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We happen to dig gloriously glamorous and boobtastic Peta Todd. We and every other dude and chick-loving-chick with a pair of eyes and gonadials tucked away somewhere on their person.

Since the deliciously healthy-bodied Peta Todd has retired from her Page 3 shoots, you can visualize her nekkid goodness at only one destination any longer, our friends at who have blessedly shot several stylishly must-see pictorials of the outstandingly hot British glamour model, including this series of Peta serving as master of the globe, or, as we might see it, holder of the big ball. It's all revealing of Peta and her downright super-impressive bare shapes. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out the Peta Todd homepage on for all your Peta perky pair needs.)

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