Rihanna Bikini Pictures Skimpy By Day; See Through Top By Night in St. Tropez

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Rihanna is not a shy girl. Not necessarily tasteless like a Paris Hilton when she hits the South of France, gets loaded, and stumbles and flashes her upskirts, but definitely not shy about showing off her body by day or night when she's hitting the sultry vacation spots.

Rihanna was in St. Tropez over the weekend with much of the blue blood vacationers taking advantage of a wicked cool celebrity yacht excusion, and providing some wicked hot bikini views of her might fine body. If that bikini were any skimpier, it'd be, well, even more perfect, but I suppose with the likes of Magic Johnson aboard the vessel, Rihanna didn't want to go completely bare native.

And, after a long day of cocktails and suntanning and showing off your sweet tight body, you definitely need to relax with some see-through top cruising in and out of the clubs of St. Tropez, just in case the local oglers were wondering what Rihanna's bare boobtastic looked like underneath the little bikini top she had been wearing all day. Quite a wonderful display, a faptastic day-night doubleheader of hard-bodied goodness. We leered, and we leered but good. Enjoy.

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