Rihanna Bootylicious Bikini Boating in Barbados Nearly Busts Our Onions

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We were sorry to hear of the passing of Rihanna's grandmother who she was very close to last week, but the Bajan diva seems to be recovering with a keeping busy mix of work and pleasure, both of which gives us viewing delights, but this new look at the singer's wicked hot booty as she plays around in the island waters, well, it's a brand new height of bottomside appreciation for the sextastic sensation.

Here's how you know a girl is super hot -- when whatever she does when at play looks like a sex-pose to you. Rihanna playing around on her watercraft might be perfectly innocent, but that taut rump of hers keeps dropping triple-x flash-forwards into our libidos. I'd take a break from junkside appreciation, if I could. But I am transfixed. Enjoy.

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