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Rosie Jones Topless Pictures for An Early Happy Birthday

Last year, we were late on Rosie Jones birthday photos. No way no how this year. We're going 10 days earlier, before the 22nd birthday of our be-lusted brunette boobtastic fantastic model from Britain. We don't want the real toast of England's big day to be superseded by such nonsense as the Olympics or the reuniting of OMD.

Luckily, EgoReader 'Lucky' was thinking the exact same thoughts as ourselves and just so happened to send in a set of Rosie Jones topless Page 3 pictures we remember well, from right after her age of consent and the time we first fell for the funbag faptastical girl. So, Happy Birthday, Rosie, may your glow never fade and may you never find where you left your top. Enjoy.

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