Sabine Jemeljanova and Ellis Cooper Topless and Fully Visually Loaded

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We really are beginning to have a super kind of crazy lust crush on Sabine Jemeljanova. And it's not just because we finally figured out how to spell her name. This British transplant hottie appears with gal pal (that term should only be applied by men when referring to two topless women playing together on camera) Ellis Cooper, who's name sounds like she should be an American League shortstop, but she's not, she's another wicked Brit glamour girl, the two appearing side by side, ta by ta, in the current edition of Loaded magazine, a periodical celebration of all things Limey and sextastic.

It's really hard to put my feelings upon seeing these pictures into words, so I got out my rocking Crayola 64-color crayon set and free-formed the word 'Delicious' in Burnt Sienna on a piece of typing paper. Then I wept. I might need to stop looking. But you should start. Enjoy.

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