Thank God It's Funbags! Bianca Henry Sizzles Topless in the Dreams of One Die-Hard Egotastic! Reader

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If there's two things we love here, it's Fridays, and making the wishes of our Readers come true. Of course, if we had to live without the latter, we'd survive, we could just never give up our Fridays. But when we get a chance to combine the two, it's like an epic bit of emo satisfaction around here.

Long time, and I mean, long time Egotastic! Reader 'Fen' has a new love in his life, I think ranking now slightly above his passion for gelato ice cream and even probably his own spouse and children, it's Birmingham glamour model Bianca Henry who works all the major auto-shows, including the full-time virtual job of revving Fen's engines apparently. Anyhow, he's going to die unhappy or something if we don't share with you these amazing photos of a topless Bianca Henry from this past spring edition of Nuts magazine,

Since we're in the business of lifting people's spirits, not turning them into spirits, how could we not help celebrate the glorious globes of Bianca Henry as we also celebrate our end of the week ritual of warm flat beer, stale Pop-Tarts, and plans for bedding women over the weekend that come Monday we hope everybody we bragged to in the office forgets we ever mentioned. Enjoy.

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