Thank God It's Funbags! Lucy Collett Strips Out of Black Lingerie for Ginger Topless Goodness

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It's been a long week. Some incredible ups. Some unfortunate downs in terms of news. But, the beat goes on and we have the weekend to look forward to salvaging our sinful souls, but not before we break off a big bit of bare boobtastic, a fun bit o' Friday funbags.

Lucy Collett ever and continues to amaze us every time we see her ginger locks and her tasty chest puppies dangling in the very lucky breeze. Like a Christmas morning present with a memorably red bow placed ever so perfectly atop.

In a world where violence is considered natural but hot sexy woman are considered taboo, we cling to the rational and air-filled buoys of a girl like Lucy Collett, who reminds us that boobs have ever only helped heal and nourish. Enjoy.

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