These Isabel Lucas and Teresa Palmer Shots from On Set Are Driving Me Wild

Let's break this down all scientific.

Who doesn't lust how Australians? And Isabel Lucas and Teresa Palmer are two mighty fine specimens from the land Down Under; two drop dead gorgeous young thespianics who have seen fit to dangle their darling wares in Hollywood, making Tinsel Town that much hotter.

Seeing the two girls splashing about in the ocean on the set of Knight of Cups, the Christian Bale movie that will likely prove to be heavier than a lead weight drenched in lead and soldered to even more lead weights, still, it all has me feeling very much like I broke into an Aussie schoolgirl sorority fantasy at just the moment before the skirts start dropping, which for my actual fantasy is about three nano-seconds from the beginning. I like to move quick.

Is it just me or are you seeing this too?  Enjoy.

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