Alleged Nekkid Photos of MTV Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Leaked From Her Ex's Twitter Feed

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I'm going to admit to you right now my shameful secret -- I know dicksquat about MTV Teen Moms, the show, the girls, the various and sundry legal and criminal and emotional turmoil that seems to plague all of them as they fill the space in the MTV schedule between the 47 cumulative minutes of daily music video programming. But, my general sense is, they are all a big mess.

Jenelle Evans I remember because we featured her before and after boob job pictures this past Spring, I'm not exactly sure why we did, but at the time it made sense. Oh yeah, we do cover all celebrity skin. So, we are bound by moral covenant to present these photos of what really appears to be Jenelle Evans, of age, and quite nekkid by the lake, that EgoReader 'Bobby' says came straight from the Twitter feed of James Duffy, who I'm led to believe is Jenelle's former boss/boyfriend of some sorts who she's been battling for a long time now over what has to be stupid, annoying, and useless shit (just by the nature of all online battles, this must be so). We have no way of confirming any of this, so, take all facts here with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, for today, the spat seems to have resulted in nude photos of the not too shabby looking MTV Teen mom. Enjoy.

(Please, if you happen to know the down low or low down on Jenelle, no questions asked about how you do know, fill us in on the legitimacy of these photos.)

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