By Popular Obsession: Hayley-Marie Coppin Doubles Down on Old World Topless Leather-Clad Goodness

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Who am I to judge heartfelt, let alone loinfelt, obsessions. Well one of our readers, 'Eric' has some kind of E.T./Elliott supernatural bond going on with British glamour model Hayley-Marie Coppin, to the point that his poetry on the lass truly makes us weep. Yep, that's how bad his poetry is.

But his semi-retarded sonnets do bespeak of a true and undying passion for this truly life-giving hotness of Britty glam model Hayley-Marie Coppin. And his favorite among favorites, his tutto di tutti hottie for Hayley-Marie involves the blonde naughty from Essex strapping on her leather. Now, we get the whole black leather on hot bare skin fetish, in fact, we get it so well, we relented and agreed to share Eric's obsession with the rest of you. Enjoy.

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