Chloe Sims Topless Pictures Vie for Best TOWIE Pics Ever

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Let's be honest, reality shows by and large are enormous suckfest wastes of time and media space. A few exceptions, but, by and large. And even the shows such as The Only Way is Essex, strapped with young hot boobtastic celebutantes, you really will prefer the experience without sound.

But in the same instant we rightfully disparage these lowest common denominator shlockfests, we have to give props for the girls they do provide onto us. Case in point, Chloe Sims and her mega-funbags, which we've seen out many times late night almost falling out of her tops, and, now thanks to, well, dumb luck and some racy lingerie pictures, we get to see Chloe Sims in all her bare-topped glory.

Now, there will those of you who get all bent out of shape about the unnatural shape of Chloe's humongous honkers, and I will happily quibble with you, once I'm done staring. Enjoy.

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