(Classic) Paola Durante Nekkid Pictures for the Triumph of TV Reporters South of the Border

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As you know, we don't usually give in to demands, let alone pleading letters you guys send in expressing your astonishment at something we failed to cover on Egotastic!  But, recently, we did get a report that our site is blowing up down Mexico way, despite my own 3rd grade level of Spanish language knowledge, let alone dysfunctional understand of geography, and timed with a letter from EgoReader  "Gregor' insisting that we include Paola Durante in our celebrity section, well, our knees got weak like when we see a hot girl wearing an Atari t-shirt.

For those not on the know, Paola Durante is a wicked hot TV news reporter for TV Azteca who may or may not have been involved in the murder of a fellow TV personality about a decade ago. She was let go on all charges, after being held for a year in prison (I can only imagine that female prison shower scene) and has returned to making her name in the world of hotties in the news, let alone taking her clothes off for magazines. Which, ultimately, is more important for our concerns.

Check out Paola's full bodied exhibition in Extremo magazine from a couple years back and see if you don't knock a few of those Fox News blondes off your top 10 favorite TV news women list. Enjoy.

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