Dreama Walker Topless, Hot, and Victimized in 'Compliance' (You're Not Supposed to Like That Last Part)

Last week we got sort of a collage of stills from the new movie Compliance, about the string of hoax calls from fake cops in the 2000's to fast food restaurant managers that resulted in a bunch of young women being forced to strip nekkid in the back of burger joints (of course, nobody will ever make a movie about what my evil boss, Mr. McGippens, did to me in the crawlspace to show me exactly how Shady Shack Burgers originally got its name.)

But, more to the point, sextastic young actress Dreama Walker plays the victim in Compliance, including a long and torturous stripping down scene that we have stripped down itself to its basic Egotastic! parts. Go see the movie in full, it's supposed to be darkly good. And, in the interim, check out Dreama Walker flashing her bare hooters in this cinematic boobtastic Giving Tree. Enjoy.

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