Humpday Huzzah! The Games Continue Behind the Scenes of the Holly Peers Boob Olympics Photoshoot (VIDEO)

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Okay, the real 2012 Summer Olympic games got a little more exciting the past few days with the start of all the track and field events and seeing just how fast and strong the human body can be, but if we're talking human bodies I'd wanted to share eternity with on Mt. Olympus, I wouldn't have to look much past Holly Peers, Emma Glover, Leah Francis, and Lucy Collett, all of whom shared their funbags for Nuts magazine and their Boob Olympics special photoshoot.

A couple weeks ago we kicked off with images from the magazine, now take a look as this Fabulous Foursome of Funbags (I suppose that's actually an Octet of goodness) jiggle and dance and shimmy to impress the judges with their bodily performances.

I'm ready to deliver a gold medal to each. Might need some polishing. Enjoy.

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