Irina Shayk Covered Topless Swimsuit Photos Just Might Be the Greatest Sales Pitch Ever!

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I'm no fashion expert, or one of them smart ad executives, or a marketing guy, or even a dude who paid much attention in high school before they G.E.D.'d me out and suggested I become a farmer, or leave the country, but I know an effective way to sell shizz, and that way is via the sextastic. And if you're selling swimsuits, well, really anything, getting the ridiculously hot Irina Shayk flashing all kinds of wet skin, then you're battle is far more than half way done.

Agua Bendita swimwear is just so smart. Smart enough to get Irina Shayk modeling their new swimwear line in showing that the very best part of a swimwear is the part that never gets put on the body in the first place. Enjoy.

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