Jodie Gasson Hot Topless Pictures Provide the Tender Motherly Touch

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I'm not sure what it is about Jodie Gasson, but every time I see her I feel an all-over warm smile coming over me. It's something to do with her maternal-feelings-kindling chest puppies that just cause a system wide meltdown of all that ails and dismays, and makes everything seem right with the world. Such is the true power of the full-bodied boobtastic.

In her sweetest photoshoot to date (in fact, it tastes just like candy if you lick it, go on, try), Jodie perches about in little itty bitts of clothing, showing exactly how awesome it would be to have a wicked hot topless woman just kind of hanging around your apartment all day long. You would not get a lot of work done. And probably miss the ball game. But, you wouldn't care. Enjoy.

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