Kate Moss Topless Sunbathing for the Supermodel Show-Off in the South of France

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Really do need to get that yacht, so I can someday be parked off the shores of St. Tropez and change my voicemail message to, 'Sorry, you can't reach me now, I've got topless sunbathing supermodels on the deck of my 47-footer'.

Such is the life of whoever was hosting Kate Moss and her topless sun-bent wonderments on the bow of their vessel this weekend, as the MILFy model wasted no time in letting her udders say hello to the warm rays of Mother Sun. The veteran supermodel who made heroin chic super chic by snorting blow still has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to garnering attention from paparazzi with long range lenses, and whipping off her top is first among them. Really, that's the only trick we really ask of our favorite celebrities. Enjoy.

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