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Katy Perry Flashes Her Bare Bottom (and Almost Her Top) Causing Raging Wood at Raging Waters

Katy Perry almost lost her entire bikini today at the Raging Waters waterpark in San Dimas, and if you don't think Mother Nature is on our side in getting Katy Cocktease to finally flash her whole nekkid hot curvy body, then you're not seeing Fate as I do.

The pop diva took to the waterpark on a tremendously hot day here in Southern California and it looks like they cleared out a few slippery when wet rides just for Katy and her extensive entourage, none of whom were fast enough to run toward their mistress with coverup when the waves took Katy's bottoms down to her thighs, and her top nearly off (she's not facing that wall and I think we just might see nipple -- alas, there's more work to be done).

Nevertheless, the sight of Katy Cocktease's full white shiny moon gave us little tingles of joy, and a sense of the inevitable coming to fruition. Between our pleas and the handiwork of the Fates, we are  going to see full frontal sometime in the future. I can feel it in my Egotastic! bone. Enjoy.

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