Katy Perry Is Snockered and See-Through And We Kind of Like Her Like This

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Despite what People Magazine and the other suck-up-t0-celeb rags publish about Katy Cocktease being all put-together and happier than ever and ready to pursue her life after Russell, like some modern day Mary Tyler Moore, well, let's just say their journalistic standards are standardly missing when it comes to penning up puff pieces on celebrities in exchange for access. Katy Perry has been, in fact, a wreck for the better part of some time now, especially since her divorce, and if we didn't have all the photos evidence to prove it, we could just point to a short lived fling with self-admiring cocksman, John Mayerres ipsa loquitur, as Brother Jeremiah would say in between carnal grunts as he explained proper means of self-fellating to the boys in the shower.

But, here's the thing, I think we kind of like Katy Perry like this. The Katy who emerged all kinds of 'toxicated and see-through from a bar in Santa Monica the other night, looking kind of ragged and torn and, well, real. We've all been there before, Katy. You don't need to pretend around us. Love sucks. So throwback a few, yell to the heavens, and for the love of all things holy, show us your effin' funbags! Enjoy.

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