Kendall Jenner Goes See-Through Top While Shopping With Puppet-Master Mom

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We get lots of letters asking why we call Kris Jenner the puppet master. Is it because she pulls the strings on her daughters like a master puppeteer, making them dance to and fro for the paying audience, or, is it because after rounds and rounds of 90210 injections and snips and tucks, her face resembles a wooden puppet face? The answer is 'yes'.

As for Kendall Jenner, her tall, lean, and future millionaire offspring, she continues her soft-core public milling about in few clothes introduction to the adult world tour, this time shopping with her mom slash agent in New York City, in a see-through top and shredded jeans. Not that we're seeing anything lurid in Kendall's escalation of revealing ware and shots, in fact, we're not really able to comment on it much, but let's just say, Kendall's not going to have much left to take off by the time she hits 18. Enjoy.

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