Lady Gaga Flashes Her Bare Ta-Tas on YouTube (Bet They Won't Cancel Her Account)

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Thanks to EgoReader 'John F.' I think, I mean, the Lady Gaga divide on this site is so enormous, it's like a giant fissure on the ass of a unkempt fat man that kind of resembles Lady Gaga's face. Hmm, oh, well, there goes my chance to hide my personal opinion.

What we can all agree on, since it is fact, is that Lady Gaga is one of the single biggest female stars worldwide these days. Love her or not so much, she's one of the hottest tickets on the planet and raking in mega dough and awards and attention and she has earned that really through her own efforts.

And, now, she's flashing her ta's on her official YouTube account, which, for the record, would've cost us yet another canceled account notice from YouTube and forced us to invent a dozen more fake gmail accounts. But, double standards being what they are, I suppose we catch the break, if you will, of seeing Lady Gaga flashing her udders in a homemade clip of hers from sometime last year.

Here's the original YouTube video if you so desire.

<iframe frameborder="0" width="600" height="450" src=""></iframe>

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